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Apr. 29th, 2010

"I think that life is a very sad piece of buffoonery." Pirandello

holy shit

Cleese v Palin

omg lil Bill O’Reilly

This is why i like the internets.....

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im back to work

boy oh boy ive been off for two weeks and it was bless. im now living on my own and its great. Me and the holly fight but we make up by the end of the night. well today was my first day back and its like the two weeks never hapeened. i was like i had a long weekend off. what a piss this job can be. if you get a chance to work for the gov tell them the cock off. well im going to pass out now. work in the morning.

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“There's only so much pacing I can do in a court room or in a court hall way. Oh my God. So freaking boring. I'm just here for sport and it is boring. I get the phone I need to answer it could still be considered a weapon and it will not be allowed in the court floor. And they said be subject you to confiscation(?). ___ not allowed so boring hopefully Ryan gets quick I don't know it's like 15 minutes parole. I didn't get put in jail or anything. However times up anyway I'm out leaving you this thing. I don't know really don't care just using my my lunch talking about. I moved out of my luggage house in ___ and now I'm living with my girlfriend in a little apartment no it's not little but it's pretty big but yeah. We're living together ___ there for like 3 weeks but not bad. She is a pain in the ass but beside that I'll have to try with it.”

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“Alright bus stop. This is out to anybody who brings your kids to an 11:00 movie and I'm not talking about like you know fucking mid you know 9, 10 year old's who know how to act. I'm talking about like 4, 5yr old's. Like four 5yr old's two of them and a fucking 3 and like a 1 year old. Why the fuck you bring kids to a fucking movie 11:00 at night. Not even like an R rated movie for you know. The newest George Clooney(?) fucking picture is not meant to go see with your fucking kids. You go do that at home when it comes out on DVD, you cocksuckers(?), cos you couldn't get a fucking date. You couldn't get a fucking babysitter so you gonna make me and a handful of other people deal with your chatty ass kids. Fuck you, that's fucking bullshit, good day.”

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look at all the hair styles on black flag

one of the hardest fucking bands. motherfuckers!!!

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“Ok, well send here in Cosco but the rest of the main at on a Sunday buying food boring. I'm just making some disposing stuff alright I'm weird I'm weird cos I'm posting things on my LiveJournal me on my phone could just me the faxes are always been here but just wanting ___ day. I think we're gonna go be here like till it close because I mean I mean ___ are you going maybe I'll go ___ that too.”

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“It's been better days, really can't complain about much things, really I don't wanna talk about anything, I don't know, really don't know.”

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the last couple of days have sucked. my mom being all fucked from back Surgery. getting all nowhere with apartment hunting. its just been silly these last couple of days. plus, i still have not done my taxes yet. FUCK!!

yet this made me laugh alittle:

well rhinoceros eyes was not as bad as some people have said.
whats going today in lj world. im not ever sure. im watching rhinoceros eyes right. its a little silly, i think michael pitt is playing a retard but im not sure about that really. ill get back to you when its all over.

what a dinner.

she still owes me a dinner.
Hi everyone, I posted an episode to my podcast, motion picture massacre. Click this link to check it out: My music is for Phoenix. Only she can sing it. Anyone else who tries, dies. - vaughn

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thats what the comedian is going to look like in the new watchman. i cant fucking wait to see a trailer for this.

Philly Boy Roy vs. Patton Oswalt!

the best way to end the night. jersey sucks!!!!

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“Hello, you always say hello to these things. I'm talking to myself practically. I'm too lazy to write anything down or not in your computer to write anything down. So I decided to make it posts. That's why I pay for the service, service so I can make these posts. Why do I keep saying hello, whatever. The engines started, 2 minutes to go thank fucking God I'm off for a week from this shit hole job. I can't wait to do nothing. I think we're going to the sea, I think we're going to Manhattan, I think we're going to Sally for a couple days. I know were going to AC that's the 1 they hang out. Me and Holly are going to have a decent time. Trying to get me to be less of a ding bat and be more I don't know ___. Mentally I'm really ___, physically I think she doesn't think I'm into this relation but I'm just a weird fuck to begin with. So well whatever. Besides all that I think we're going out for Chinese you know that wacky Chinese where they flip and throw food at ya. Shinky styler Chinese. You know the fucking guy stands there cooks all the food in front you beats the hell out you with stuff. I'm just getting Sushi, I'm gonna get Sushi I'm gonna eat like a fucking pig and then I'm gonna have cider all night it's gonna be good fun. Alright I'll test over the weeks I'll probably even write something maybe.”

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“Today is 9:30. Is 9:30, it is snowing like a beef outside. I am at work, oh my God. It is ___ I can't wait to get outside. Sounds all back. Don't know if you do an update with the end of the day, I guess maybe later. I mean I was just thinking that it, it's the weirdest, stupidest this thing to do, damn. Walking around and this snow is gonna get ___.”

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“so im leaving the house....”

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Jan. 22nd, 2008

i don't want it to get warmer. stay cold forever!!


Brad Renfro is dead..

from the wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brad_Renfro

Renfro was found dead on January 15, 2008 in his Los Angeles apartment, after he had reportedly spent the previous night drinking with friends. The cause of death has yet to be determined.

it was going to happen someday. but that still sucks he was only 25.

Jan. 11th, 2008

work is running me on empty these last couple of months.

Dec. 10th, 2007

holy fucking hot hell this looks outstanding!!! i can't wait. check out slashfilm.com for more stuff on this film.

just in time for the holidays

I love.

john waters
horror movies
mf doom
asbury lanes
peter sellers
boing boing
This American Life
super mario bros 3 on the wii
Night of the living podcast (http://nightofthelivingpodcast.podomatic.com/)
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

go into the light sweet prince...

Robert Goulet November 26, 1933 – October 30, 2007

morrissey put on a week of shows the the hammerstein ballroom last week. i went on tuesday with holly . it was a very good show. not too many people jumped on the stage and he was able to get through the encore.
my grandmother made it through her operation with flying colors. hopefully the cancer treatment doesn't so kick her ass too much. besides that everything is going good. i dating again, its fun but i still don't get most of this dating shit so i just get in with a cutey and try to understand women again. its been over three years since ive let some one new drive me wild. ill post a picture or two soon.


bring the fight


yes im getting off my ass and going to start to posting in this thing again.

The drumbeats mean it's coming

look Jeff Tatarek is finally getting off his butt and putting together another podcast. this one is about Robot Carnival. one of the best anime films out there i think. i love this show. check it out if your into long lost sci-fi and anime movies.

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heart attack


much better
cause everybody dies

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